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Cartridge Collectors

Cartridge Dust Collectors are the ideal type of collector to capture granular-shaped dusts, which are free-flowing materials that collect on the outside of the cartridge filter pleats.  This type of dust is easily released from the media during the cleaning cycle. Cartridge collectors are ideally suited for smaller particle dust sizes (< 50 microns) and low grain loading levels (< 5 grains/ft3).

Cartridge dust collectors are ideal for capturing:

  • Non-flammable metal composite material grindings
  • Sandblast applications
  • Welding fumes
  • Laser and plasma cutter fumes
  • Graphite processing
  • Pharmaceutical powders
  • Fine chemical powders

Introduced in the 1970’s, cartridge collectors were originally based on filter cartridges used as air filters for diesel engines.  The pleated design of a cartridge provides more filter area in a compact design, maximizing filter capacity in a smaller space than standard fabric bag filters.  A typical cartridge design is 7 times more effective than a comparable fabric shaker filter, and a whopping 130 times more effective than a pulse jet fabric collector!

These dusts require minimal flexing of the media during the cleaning process, therefore cartridge collectors will provide satisfactory collection of these byproducts.  When paired with a pulse-jet or similar reverse airflow cleaning system, filter life can be extended.  Many systems allow for cartridges to be cleaned without taking the system offline, improving workshop efficiency.

When the dusts are 1) difficult to handle, 2) hygroscopic, or 3) high temperature, we recommend a Baghouse Dust Collector with a fabric filter media.  The baghouse design is better suited to capture and collect these dusts while also providing much longer filter life.

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