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Vacuum Systems

High Pressure Industrial Vacuum systems are useful where long lengths of small diameter hose or vacuum piping are required.  Vacuum Systems are considered high pressure low volume systems whereas Dust Collection Systems are considered low or medium pressure, high volume.

03- Vacuum system piping componentsThe components of a vacuum system include the receiver which has  a cyclonic inlet and fabric filter or cartridge filter final filter section.  The vacuum producer is called a regenerative blower, specially designed for high pressure systems where pressure is measured in inches of mercury rather than water.

04 - Portable High Pressure Vacuum SystemsTotal Air Energy Solutions can supply you with a variety of Vacuum  System  Solutions that are either installed as a plant wide central system or that are portable. Standard applications include:

  • Welding fume removal with special welding guns hooked to small diameter welding hoses
  • Grinding dust removal with special grinders hood to small diameter grinding hoses
  • Chip clean up in machining and Aerospace industries
  • Powder clean up in food and pharmaceutical
  • General clean-up
  • Car Wash facilities

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