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Energy Saving Controls

EcoBOSS™: Energy Saving Control Product Solutions For Dust Collection, Mist, & Fume Control Systems

Total Air Energy Solutions is your source for all energy saving control product solutions for your dust, mist, fume, or vehicle exhaust system.

We have over a decade of experience working with many local utility companies to help you obtain the best rebate, grant, or financial incentive for your project.

We represent Boss Products EcoBOSS Energy Saving and Control products which automate your process and save your company money on electricity costs, year after year.  Most applicable customers see a ROI for the cost of the energy control equipment in 1-3 years!!  In many cases, the cost of the entire filtration or exhaust system can be paid for as a result of year after year energy savings well before the end of the useful life of the equipment.

Energy Saving Controls are available for any process ventilation or filtration system either as a component of a new system or as a retrofit.  Retrofits also are eligible for incentives from most utility companies.  Total Air Energy Solutions will work with your team and your utility company at no additional charge in order to get you the best financial incentive possible for your system.

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