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Cyclones are useful as a preseperator in a dust collection system with separate after filter.  After-filters can be simple exposed bag-type, cartridge collector, or pulse-jet baghouse.

Dust laden air enters the conical body of the cyclone tangentially at the top and creates a vortex pattern flowing helical pattern downward into the machine and then produces an inner vortex that exits the machine having removed the particulate from the process stream.

Centrifugal force causes heavier dust particles to move outward toward the cyclone wall. Friction and gravity then force the dust to fall into a receiver. Cleaned air spirals up the center of the cyclone and exits at the top of the unit.

Total Air Energy Solutions can supply you with a variety cyclonic pre-filter and primary-filter solutions. Standard options include:

  • 55 gallon drum dust storage
  • Raised legs for discharge into large bin
  • Closed loop transfer systems
  • Various after-filter configurations

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