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Dust Collector Service

Total Air Energy Solutions provides excellent dust collector service and maintenance for most brands of dust collection system.  Whether it’s turn-key maintenance for replacing filters or cleaning systems, or just helping with a few parts and pieces you need, Call 206.454.7070 today.  We offer fast shipping on common replacement parts and routine maintenance items.

Got a problem and don’t know how to fix it?  No Problem!

Schedule a diagnostic service call…after our visit we will provide a written recommendation report and solution proposal.

Diagnostic Service + Turn-Key Service Work

If your dust collection system isn’t working how it should be, let us figure out what’s wrong and help you solve the problem. We will make a site visit, investigate the issue, then provide you with a diagnosis and propose a solution to bring your system back to proper working order.

We also provide turn-key filter change-out services for most cartridge and baghouse type dust collectors. While onsite, we can perform diagnostic services on your dust collection components and help you achieve optimal system performance.

Fan Maintenance and Balancing

Failing to provide regular maintenance for your fans and blower motors can result in dangerous and costly failures.  Avoid potential system downtime, disastrous system failures, and potential loss of life by keeping your equipment running at peak performance.

Regular fan maintenance includes belt replacement, basic equipment inspections, and greasing of bearings. We also provide fan trouble diagnostic services and onsite or offsite fan wheel balancing.

Replacement Cartridge Filters, Bags, & Cages

We provide direct-from-factory OEM-branded and after-market equivalents for most filter media: cartridges, sleeves, and bag filters (all media types for all OEM’s).

We also sell baghouse filter cages, filter pre-coat material, HEPA filters, carbon & odor absorption filters, HVAC filters, roll media, and metal mesh filters.  Custom filters are available on request – contact us for more details.

Click here to see our filter page.

Bag Filter Laundering

Total Air Energy Solutions offers bag filter laundering, including pick-up and delivery, within Western Washington.  Filters can also be sent to our location via UPS.

Laundered bags aren’t as good as new bags, but at a fraction of the cost many customers find it a viable alternative, especially for smaller shops with infrequent dust collector use.

Trasolite Leak Detection Powder

Trasolite leak detection powder is the ideal solution for you if you have a bypass leak in your dust collector.  Leaks are determined by visual inspection after the powder is introduced to the system.  Leaks are identified by the brightly-colored powder appearing where bypass occurs on the clean air discharge side of the machine, or by leak detection sensors within the system.

Trasolite fluorescent leak powder glows bright when viewed with a UV light source, which makes finding leaks much easier than simply looking for dust bypass.

Diaphragm Valves

Diaphragm valve repair kits are available for all makes of baghouse and cartridge type dust collectors.  In most cases the repair kit can be used in lieu of replacing the entire diaphragm valve, which saves you money.  We offer direct-from-factory OEM-branded and after-market equivalents.

Solenoid Valves

We offer solenoid valves and enclosures for all makes of baghouse and cartridge type dust collectors.  Direct-from-factory OEM-branded and after-market equivalents are available.

Timer boards and Cleaning Control Cards

Contact us if you need replacement cleaning control panels or circuit boards for all makes and models of baghouses and cartridge type dust collectors.

Rotary Air Lock Wiper Blades

Rotary air locks provide a means of emptying waste material from dust collectors without affecting the pressure within the dust collection system.  Over time, the blades in these air locks wear out and fail to provide an adequate seal, which results in unwanted bypass through the air lock.

We provide direct-from-factory OEM-branded replacement wiper blades for most brands of rotary air locks.  Replacing air lock blades is a much more cost-effective solution than replacing the entire air lock unit.

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