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Spiral Duct

Total Air Energy Solutions is your source for all dust collection, exhaust, and ventilation system components.  We can provide preferred clamp-together duct components from  or commodity type spiral duct and fittings.

Need custom sheet metal parts?  Look no further – we’ve got you covered.

Spiral ductwork and fittings are an economical solution and viable for any application that does not require longitudinal seam ductwork or ductwork without sheet metal screws.

Our spiral ductwork can be joined with sheet metal screws, weld-on angle flanges, or accuflanges.

If you are building a spiral ductwork system and need competitive prices on straight duct, hangers, branches, fittings, and components we have you covered!

Oval Spiral Duct is an ideal solution where tight clearances are required, and where the pressure requirement of the system prevents the use of square duct.

04 Pipe_ConnectorWe can custom fabricate any hoods or transitions that your system requires.  In addition to our own sheet metal shop located in Seattle, Washington, our vendors Nordfab, Kirk and Blum, US Duct and Jacob Tubing can build any custom hood, transition or special part your project team can imagine.

03 90_ElbowTypical custom parts include, rectangular to round transitions, special dust collector inlets, overhead welding hoods, pedestal grinding hoods, radial arm saw & chop saw hoods, and any other special part.

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