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Wet-type Down Draft Tables

Wet-Type Down Draft Tables: safe collection of metal & other combustible dusts

Wet-type dust collection is required for the safe collection of combustible metal dust. This style of water-based collector has also been used effectively in many other difficult applications in place of cartridge collectors.  Dirty air is drawn from the work surface into an enclosed tub containing water, which traps the dust as the air travels through the water and then metal impinger & mesh filters.  Clean air is drawn out and returned immediately back into the workplace.

Metal filters provide an extended life when compared to cartridge connectors, and the filtered material is contained in the bottom of the collector.  Mechanical sludge extractors are available as an option on many models.

Collectors range from smaller units up to much larger systems, with capacities of 1,000 CFM – 12,000+ CFM.

Common options include:

  • Side walls & roof
  • Lighting
  • Work surface mats
  • Crane slots (in roof)
  • Tool holders

Improve the workplace environment conditions to minimize impact on your staff with these exhaust options:

  • Exhaust silencers
  • After-filters
  • HEPA filters

Bench work surface areas come in a variety of sizes and clearance options.  ProVent booths offer extremely durable benches with access from three sides (collection occurs behind work area), whereas Diversitech offers greater access and mobility with benches mounted on optional casters (collection occurs underneath work area).  Contact us today and we will help you select the right Wet-Type Downdraft Bench for your job.

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