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EcoMAXX™ Explosion Relief Vents

By: Boss Products

EcoMAXX™ Explosion Relief Vents are ATEX Certified and available in domed & pyramid styles. All panels are laser cut using AISI 316L stainless steel and include a zinc plated external flange with standard AERSTOP NIZ PTE gasket. Alternate PTFE and SILICONCELL gasket are available. An optional internal grill provides support for applications having negative pressures to -24 WG.

Standard EcoMAXX™ Explosion Vents are tested (see price for exceptions) to perform at a breaking pressure of 1.45 PSIG (0.1 bar), KST Max = 900 bar m/sec, Kg Max = 550 bar m/sec and Pmax = 9 bar, Pred Max = 2.0 bar. Every manufactured lot goes through destructive testing to insure quality and ATEX Performance Specification.

EcoMAXX™ Explosion Relief Vents are a non-reusable safety device that is designed to relieve explosive pressure in a dust collector or vessel without fragmentation. An optional ATEX Certified Signal Sensor is available that will initiate shut down and/or deactivate additional devices, should an event occur.

The size and quantity for selection of explosion relief panels is specifically dependent on the volume of the vessel and the explosive (Kst) value of the material being collected. It is MOST IMPORTANT that choices be made in compliance with the current NFPA 68 Standard on Explosion Protection by Deflagration Venting as well as best industry practice.

EcoMAXX™ Explosion Relief Vents are available for special requirements. Boss Products will provide pricing for non-standard applications along with sizing recommendations.

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